Our Story is about the future

We are a unique orthodontic specialty practice conveniently located in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska.

Our story is about the future… it’s about transforming an image.

Orthodontics is what we do, but how it is done matters because its story will travel with you to be told. Being personally committed to making a difference is the catalyst that feeds our efforts.
Our mission is simple… we aim to reinvigorate our brand of Orthodontics and announce it… our brand is providing our knowledge, skills and artistry, embracing change and innovation, applying proven methods to attain a smile that uniquely completes your image. So no matter where you present your smile our brand is shared with others.

Our story is worth telling.

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Our Beliefs in Patient Care

We believe in individualized treatment maintaining the patients unique footprint.
We strive to provide efficiently managed, superior treatment results.
We enjoy participating in a positive life event where we partner together in building the future.
We use hard evidence to make the best possible decisions in patients' interests.
We love results – they speak for themselves.

Impact your first impression, impact your future… SMILE

Dr. Timothy j Sheehan / owner & operator

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Each person should feel comfortable asking questions and feel confident in the quality of our care. We are comfortable with questions and want you to feel aligned with us in confidence. We aim to be different because each patient offers us a unique opportunity to impact his or her future.

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How it works